The Book of Ruth - Hebrew in Living Color

The Book of Ruth
 Hebrew in Living Color

by J. Steven Babbit                             




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Hebrew in Living Color

     The Book of Ruth  

J. Steven Babbit

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Book of Ruth (in Living Color) is the first full-color, Biblical Hebrew-English translation of its kind!

The Hebrew in Living Color series uses a colorized system that shows each Hebrew word part in separate colors, with corresponding colors for each English word in the translation.  Author, J. Steven Babbit, first developed this colorized system to aid his high school algebra students who struggled to understand the various parts of algebraic equations.

The Hebrew in Living Color  series is designed to help beginning and intermediate Hebrew language students read Biblical Hebrew with ease and understanding.  Most Hebrew words are built around a word stem (or root). The 3-letter root is called the shoresh in Hebrew (plural form is shoreshim). The shoresh forms the word root of most Biblical Hebrew words, but numerous pre-fixes and suffixes often make it difficult for students of Hebrew to comprehend how the word is formed and translated.  With Hebrew in Living Color, no longer is this a problem. 

Each part of speech is colorized, as is the corresponding English translation which follows the Hebrew down the page, line by line.  Irregular verbs which drop one or two of the shoresh letters are explained right on the the page where they first appear.  Forget having to dig through multiple resource books to ascertain the meaning of an unfamiliar Hebrew word or expression.  With Hebrew in Living Color, everything you need is right here at your fingertips.

 The Book of Ruth (in Living Color) is designed to be used in conjunction with other other existing Hebrew language study tools (these materials are published by other authors). The following outside resources are highly recommended:

The First Hebrew Primer, 3rd Edition, 1992, by Ethelyn Simon, Linda Motzkin, and Irene Resnikoff.  This excellent text book for beginning and intermediate Biblical Hebrew study also has a workbook and a teacher's guide with answers to the workbook available for purchase.  In addition, within The First Hebrew Primer, students are guided through a simplified Biblical Hebrew version of the Book of Ruth.

The Book of Ruth by Word by Word (TES), audio CD for the computer.  This computer disc allows the user to see every Hebrew word of The Book of Ruth, with word-by-word English translation and audio pronunciation, all available with just one mouse click.

Using The Book of Ruth (in Living Color), The First Hebrew Primer and the TES computer audio version of Book of Ruth, an intermediate student of Hebrew could read this book of the Bible in Hebrew with little or no other resources.  Readers would learn the parts of Hebrew words (shoreshim, prefixes, suffixes and vocabulary words are shown in Ruth in Living Color), learn the applicable Hebrew grammar (from The First Hebrew Primer), plus be able to hear the words properly pronounced using the TES audio version.  Lastly, complicated sections of Ruth in Living Color have footnoted references to The First Hebrew Primer where students can find addition grammatical help for in-depth study.


Whether you are a skilled reader of Biblical Hebrew or a novice student unfamiliar with the Hebrew language, with the Hebrew in Living Color series, you will easily be able to learn and understand Biblical Hebrew.  This revolutionary colorized Hebrew and English translation system has been used by the author himself to teach adult Hebrew classes, and it works! 

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